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4020205028 Statistical Methods of Data Analysis  VVZ 

Mon 11-14
weekly nV or digital (0) Judith Katzy
Mon 14-15
14-day nV or digital (0) Judith Katzy

Digital- & Präsenz-basierter Kurs

classroom language
- Probabilitydensity
- Statistical test of hypotheses and significance
- parameter estimates, confidence intervals and limits
- unfolding
- classification and statistical learning
structure / topics / contents
Statistical methods for data analysis in particle and astrophysics will be discusses. These methods are necessary to interpret experimental results and compare them to theory. In addition, the course gives an introduction to machine learning methods (such as neuronal networks and boosted decision trees) which are commonly used in data analysis.

This course investigates the theoretical motivations and teaches practical computational implementation using python.

Problem sets will be derived from recent developments in elementary physics and astrophysics.
assigned modules
amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
3 SWS, 6 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
written or oral exam.
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